The PACT team at Maynooth University Department of Computer Science develops resources and supports to allow teachers to teach topics in computer science at both primary and secondary school.

We specialise in computational thinking resources and supports. Computational thinking is a set of problem solving skills that computer scientists use when they do their everyday work. It intersects with all STEM fields because computational solutions have proven to be useful in many scientific fields. 

Our PACT team in the Department of Computer Science at Maynooth University have been training teachers in how to teach computational thinking skills since 2012. We have engaged over 100 teachers and 10,000 students in computational thinking activities, with funding from Maynooth University Department of Computer Science, the Google CS4HS programme, and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).

With SFI Discover funding 2019-2022, we are able to expand these efforts.

News: See our seasonal teacher resources (tasks for summer are the latest available). Our teacher workshops have now ended for spring 2021; look out for more next autumn.